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2007 - 2009 ASM Presenting Sponsor's - benefits in detail
118 Pax - US$ 125,000 sponsorship commitment

16 August 2006

The 2007 - 2009 Asian Senior Masters Ė ASM Malaysia Series

Asian Senior Masters golf tournaments are International Senior Professional golf
tournaments, preceded by up to 6 ASM Pro-Am events, where sponsors are
able to spend quality time with and entertain their VIP customers, colleagues
and business associates, in an exclusive environment, whilst on a corporate level
enjoying the many on course branding opportunities, accompanying TV, print media publicity and PR
opportunities and other benefits that are derived from their sponsorship participation in the event.

ASM tournaments involve up to 105 senior professional golfers, from all around the world, competing over 3 days for a minimum of US$ 100,000 in prize money, visit or click HERE for more information and an overview of the ASM event week.

We wish for your company to kindly consider investing in, and appoint as the Presenting Sponsorship of an ASM golf tournament which would require US$ 125,000 in sponsorship commitment per tournament.

About the Asian Seniors Tour - AST
The Asian Seniors Tour Pte Ltd commenced operations in 2002 and staged the inaugural Asian Senior Masters tournament, the US$100,000 ASM Ė Singapore in November 2003

Choi Yoon Soo (left) won the 2003 Asian Senior Masters - Singapore with
Singapore's leading amateur, Choo Tze Huang (right) who won the
2003 ASM Amateur Championship with a fine score of 72.

Click HERE for more details or visit

The first ASM event to be held in Malaysia was the 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort Golf & Country Club in Johor last November 2005 which was won by KL resident Australian, senior professional golfer Stewart Ginn click HERE or visit for information.

Stewart Ginn (left) winner of the 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort receiving his Trophy from
Tan Sri Elyas Omar - the Sports Commissioner of Malaysia

The 2006 ASM @ Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia was staged at the IOI Palm Garden Golf Club in Putrajaya in mid November and was again won defending champion Australian, senior professional golfer Stewart Ginn

Stewart Ginn (right) winner of the 2006 ASM @ Malaysia at Palm Garden and
Amateur Champion Ilyia Jamil (left) with their Trophies presented by
Tan Sri Elyas Omar - the Sports Commissioner of Malaysia

Presently plans are being finalized with both the Malaysian Sports Commission, and the Malaysia Tourism Authorities whoís endorsement, involvement and support has already been pledged in support of our plans to establish the annual ASM Ė Malaysia tournament and Amateur Qualifiying Series.

In 2007 the ASM @ Malaysia series will include both Corporate Tournaments and the Sarski Cup series;

2007 - August ASM @ KL - Malaysia

2007 - August ASM @ East Malaysia - Invitational

The Presenting Sponsor appointment for the 2007 ASM @ Malaysia series would require a sponsorship commitment of US$ 125,000

The Presenting Sponsor would receive the Presenting Naming Rights to the ASM event, significant on course branding rights, 2 exclusive T-Boxes the 10th & one other and be allocated 1 Private 32 flight ASM Pro-Am tournament catering to 96 of the sponsors invited VIP amateur golfers, 6 additional ASM Pro-Am flights, 3 each day 12 ASM Amateur Semi-Final places, plus all the F & B, prizes etc required for the staging of the sponsorís Pro-Ams.

In addition, all the sponsorís 96 guests would be provided with invitations to attend the ASM Welcome Cocktail Reception on Tuesday evening, and also provided with access to the VIP hospitality areas to enjoy the free flow of F & B during the ASM Professional event from Friday through Sunday.

If the Presenting Sponsor so desires, and for an additional RM 15k management fee per event AST is able to organise and stage regional ASM qualifier golf tournaments in conjunction with the 15 legged Saske Cup for and on behalf of the sponsor in the various Malaysian States where the sponsor may have the need and or the desire to promote their products and services.

Unless subsidised by the Sponsor, all participants at these events would pay towards the cost of their entry in these regional golf tournaments, in areas such as Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Kangar, Pulau Pinang, Putra Jaya, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor, and Terengganu with the chance of winning places in the Sponsorís ASM Pro-Ams.

Staging these regional events offers each of your state Managers - representatives the opportunity to entertain up to 16 VIP guests each and your regional offices could also offer some of their allotted ASM Pro-Am places - flights as prizes to existing Social, Charity, and Corporate golfing activities in their state, or use them as a CRM tool to support local charity events, or award places in the Pro-Am to their Stateís various senior government officers, officials and the leading amateur golfers Ė state club champions, etc.

If required and subject to availability, additional ASM Pro-Am flights and or an additional Private 32 flight ASM Pro-Ams accommodating 96 amateur golfers, along with 9 ASM Semi-Final places, can be purchased.

Ideally the Presenting sponsorís appointment should be for a minimum 3 year period so as to enable the sponsor to best leverage and build upon customer enjoyment, media awareness, anticipation, publicity, loyalty and desire to participate in the next event, however AST is prepared to enter into an initial 1 year agreement with the sponsor and offer the right of first refusal, to enter into a 3 year agreement after participating in an ASM event. The right of first refusal will last for 90 days after the initial event

Click HERE or visit for an overview of an ASM tournament week and event and staging format.

Presenting Sponsorís branding on ASM Official Merchandise:

The Presenting Sponsorís logo will be on the right sleeve of ASM Sponsors & Officialís Polo T-Shirts;

and the ASM Pro-Am Polo T-Shirts

The ASM Goody Bags, Polo T-Shirts, caps and other items to be produced will also be used as promotional gifts & prizes at the various charity, chamber of commerce, and Inter Ė Club golfing events supported by the AST leading up to the ASM and to the ASM event volunteers. VIPís Pro-Am golfers, and the ASM event volunteers are often the very target audience that participating sponsors wish to reach out to, and as golfers, they will wear and use your branded golfing products.

The ASM Polo T-Shirts will be worn by all ASM event Officials & Volunteers and on Sunday the final day of the ASM and provided that there is no-sponsor conflict for the AST Senior Professional golfer concerned, the top 6 leading Senior Professional on both the Sat and Sun will be encouraged to wear the ASM Officialís T-Shirt to create an orderly and uniform appearance, and to provide the Title & Presenting Sponsors with the maximum brand visibility during the ASM tournament, prize giving ceremony and when seen on TV.

Presenting Sponsorís Ė Branding On the Golf Course, and T-Box Signage Entitlements:

The Presenting Sponsorís name and or logo will be featured on the ASM Press Conference back drop, and various stage backdrops to be used at ASM official functions, such as the ASM Welcome Cocktail Reception for all ASM pro & amateur golfers, and sponsors, and at the various ASM Pro-Am prize giving ceremonies.

On the on the backdrop for the ASM Prize Giving and Closing ceremony, which will be conducted in front of the main club house to view an example of the backdrop

The Presenting Sponsor shall be entitled to the following signage rights, on and around the competition golf course, which will be manufactured to the ASTís specifications, and paid for by the AST in consideration of the Presenting Sponsorís financial contribution.

2 exclusive T-Boxes the 10th and 1 other at the Venue Golf Club which will be assigned exclusively to the Presenting Sponsor, and each to be dressed with 5 signs with your companyís LOGO comprising 1 - single sided sign measuring - 3m X 2m and 4 - sign measuring - 3m X 1m - with your LOGO Ė only 2 different sign designs are allowed

12 - additional signs measuring - 3m X 1m - with your LOGO of which 6 will be located along the fairways of the sponsors holes, and the remaining 6 one each will be located around the 1st, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, and 18th greens of the VENUE golf course.

On the 2 side panels and the base plate of the Main Results leader board to be located in a prominent location near both the club house and VIP hospitality areas, visible to all attending the event.

LOGO & branding on 2 side panels, and the base plate, of 1 on course leader board
to be located on the 9th hole

Prominent branding on ASM advertising signage to be erected at the entrance to the Venue

The premium positioning of your on course signage, ensures that your corporate identity and BRAND will gain extensive exposure throughout the week long tournament.

The Presenting Sponsorís name incorporated into the ASM event Logo will also be incorporated into the signage to be displayed on the front of the VIP hospitality, visible to all tournament participants, spectators, and the television audience.

Catering at VIP Hospitality Areas:
AST shall arrange for VIP hospitality areas within the club house and where possible overlooking the 18th Hole, and access to these hospitality areas will be restricted to ONLY persons in possession of VIP SPONSORís and or Sponsorís guest tickets, and seating will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The meals, daily light lunch, morning and afternoon coffee & tea, light refreshments and all beverages to be consumed by the players, SPONSORís and their VIP guests on all 3 days of the Professional ASM event (Fri through Sun) within the SPONSORís & players VIP hospitality areas will be provided at the ASTís expense.

The Sponsor will be provided 120 - VIP passes allowing access to the VIP hospitality areas which will operate from 8am through to 5pm daily from Friday through Sunday during the ASM Professional event. All F & B including coffee, tea, beer, whisky, water, light snacks, and lunch provided in the VIP hospitality areas is FOC.

IndoChine are the Official Caterers of the ASM.
For more information about IndoChine please click here or visit

The AST will provide a light snack for all participants prior to their T-off in the various ASM Pro-Ams to be held on both the mornings and afternoons of the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. An official lunch and or dinner along with a prize giving ceremony will follow each of the Pro-Am competitions.

At the Presenting Sponsorís cost and request the AST can also arrange for VIP hospitality areas to be constructed by the 9th and 18th Holes, with restricted access to ONLY the Sponsorís invited guest

the exterior of the hospitality areas which can be errected.

the interior of the hospitality areas which can be errected.

All meals, refreshments and beverages to be consumed in these exclusive VIP areas will be provided and catered for at the Sponsor's expense.

Presenting Sponsorís Ė Credentials, SEASON passes & Parking Entitlements:
The SPONSOR will be issued with
12 SPONSORís credentials
50 reserved parking tickets
120 SPONSORís VIP Guests Passes
100 SEASON passes which allow access to the golf courses, but prohibit entry to the VIP areas
120 invitations to attend the ASM Welcome Cocktail Reception

The Presenting Sponsor will also be provided with up to 100 SEASON passes which allow access to the golf courses, but prohibit entry to the VIP areas. These SEASON passes provide admission to the golf course on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the ASM tournament.

ASM - Presenting Sponsorís - Golfing Rights & Entitlements:

The sponsor will be entitled to host 1 flight in the ASM Amateur Qualifier catering to 4 of their VIP guests

The sponsor will be entitled to host 1 private 32 flight ASM Pro-Am tournament, catering to 96 of their VIP guests, and each flight will be captained by 1 AST senior professional who will entertain 3 of the sponsorís invited VIP amateur golfers.

ASM Pro-Ams are staged both in the morning and afternoon, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and will be conducted from shot-gun starts, preceded by a light meal, and each Pro-Am will be followed by a sit down formal ďbuffet mealĒ incorporating a prize presentation ceremony, except on Tuesday afternoon where the afternoon Pro-Am and the ASM Amateur Invitational Pro-Am Qualifier event will have their prize giving ceremony will be incorporated into the activities at the ASM Welcome Cocktail Reception.

The sponsorís Private Pro-Am is allocated 9 places in the Amateur Semi-Finals to be awarded to the 9 ďbest grossĒ scoring amateur participants. The sponsor also receives 3 sponsorís exemptions in the Amateur Semi-Finals for their invited VIP guests Ė (hcap restriction of 10 applies).

A total of 70 amateur golfers, 35 each day will compete in the Amateur Semi-Finals to be staged on Friday and Saturday, in 4 ball flights comprising 3 AST professional golfers & 1 amateur.

The top 3 ďbest grossĒ scoring amateur golfers from the Fri & Sat's Amateur Semi-Finals, 6 amateur finalists, will compete for the ASM Amateur Champion Title on Sunday. Qualification for the Amateur Final is based on Merit Only, and contestants will T Off prior to the Final Day of the ASM Professional Tournament.

All participants in sponsorís private pro-am tournament will be provided with Sponsorís VIP Guest Passes, providing access on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the golf course, club house, and VIP hospitality areas.

The Sponsor will be allocated 6 additional ASM Pro-Am flights, 3 each day catering to 18 amateur golfers.

The sponsor will be provided with a total of 120 invitations to the Welcome Cocktail Reception to be held on the Tuesday evening Ė 7.30pm, which will be held at the Official Hotel.

Click HERE or visit for more information relating to the ASM Pro-Am event format and schedules.

Exposure of the Presenting Sponsorís Name and Corporate Logo:
The Presenting Sponsorís name will be incorporated in the ASM eventís name and the Tournament logo.

Where possible and unless otherwise agreed to all printed matter, screen printing and apparel, including advertising material, posters, tickets, badges, press release materials, programs, tournament daily draw sheets, tournament news letters, VIP invitation cards, menus, the tournament web site, trophies and all other official supportive materials which are produced by the AST for the ASM event, shall carry the Presenting Sponsorís and ASM event logo, providing dominant and consistent brand and logo.

At the ASM event the AST will promote the sponsorís Name, Brand, and or Services and the ASM event by means of T-Box Signage, inclusion of printed materials in the various eventís goody bags, at the numerous high profile, charity, social, golf club, chamber of commerce, corporate golfing events and at other charity events which the AST support by way of providing ASM Pro-Am flights as a ďhole in oneĒ prizes, as well as places in the ASM Pro-Am to the best gross scoring participants at these events.

ASM tournaments, receive considerable Media & Press coverage and provide their sponsors with access to value for money marketing & promotional opportunities.

To view free media coverage & exposure achieved at the 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort click HERE
or visit

For the 2003 ASM Singapore click HERE
or visit

The AST will achieving and generate similar if not even greater Media and Press coverage for the ASM Ė Malaysia series, including TV coverage on the ESPN/StarSports Asia-Pacific network.

The ASM event will appoint an Official Golf magazine and an Official Business magazine such as the Economist, both with a pan-Asian reach, and the AST will be handling all PR & Media announcements and press releases, to the various local & regional golf magazines, business and life style magazines.

Feedback from PGA Officials & Senior professionals
Click HERE or visit

Letters & emails of support from VIP's, Politicians & Celebrities
Click HERE or visit

Feedback from Sponsors, Amateurs & Volunteers
Click HERE or visit

Sponsor's branding opportunities on the golf course.
Click HERE or visit

The ASM tournament websites receive in excess of 1 million visits per year, and the 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort websites averaged over 50,000 hits per month in the 3 months leading up to the tournament, and the month afterwards. Click HERE or visit for details.

The ASM event format is seen internationally as a very attractive golfing event and travel opportunity, which many amateur golfers and VIPís are aware of and have indicated interest to participate in and support.

ASM Television & Media Coverage:
AST will arrange for a 1-hour TV highlights recording of the ASM event to be produced and broadcast both locally and regionally Ė Asia Pacific via delayed telecast on the ESPN Ė StarSports Asia Pacific network.

For details relating to the ESPN Ė StarSports network coverage
click HERE or visit

For details relating to previous scheduled broadcasts
click HERE or visit

In addition to the 4 hours of telecast that the AST provides, past ASM events have enjoyed as much as 60 hours of TV air time, via repeat telecast, made possible by the purchase of ďpaid ofĒ advertising by Tourism Boards and national corporations advertising spend in support of their countrymanís victory.

The Presenting Sponsorís name & logo which are combined into the ASM event Logo will also be incorporated into the various audio Ė visual promotions which the AST may arrange for with various TV news media broadcasting houses such as NTV, CNN & CNBC.

ASM Tournament Official Magazine:
The Presenting Sponsor will be provided with 2 colour pages for their advertisements and messages in the official ASM event magazine. These will be the inside back cover, and one page containing a Sponsorís welcome message contained within the body of the A4 sized full colour official event magazine. The sponsor will provide all art and design work, delivering to AST camera ready copy at their cost.

The sponsor will be provided with up to 150 complimentary copies of the official event magazine, which will make a great memento of the occasion for you and your VIP guests which has an area set aside for autographs. 96 copies of which will be put into the ASM Goody Bag to be provided to all participants in the sponsorís Pro-Ams, the remaining 54 will be made available to the sponsor at the tournament.

Promotion of 2007 ASM Malaysia events in conjunction with Malaysian Tourism Board;
The ASM event, ASM Pro-Am and ASM Social Golf Packages will be promoted to the following list of golf, media, and other related contacts, including over;

800 international golf media writers
700 international golf travel agents
200 Amateur Golf Associations
100 international Professional Golf Associations - PGAís
400 international celebrity & VIP golferís mailing list
5,000 golf clubs world wide
20,000 on the ASTís regional corporate and golferís mailing list

With the support and endorsement of the MTPB and the Malaysian Sports Commissioner, several one day ASM Amateur Qualifier events, at which the Presenting Sponsor will be acknowledged, will be staged in; Singapore, Johor, KL and East Malaysia for the various golf and social clubs, chamber of commerce, other golfing societies, to compete for places in the ASM Amateur Qualifier & ASM Pro-Ams.

ASM Pro-Am and Amateur Qualifier places will be sent to the leading golf clubs in Brunei, the Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and to various UK & European golf clubs.

ASM - Insurance:
The AST shall, arrange for an insurance policy of public liability & risk insurance with an insurance company, for the duration of ASM event.

ASM Tournament Website:
The tournament website can be found by visiting

For details about Title Sponsorship benefits, please click HERE
or visit

I do look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and your team to discuss how your company might enjoy the numerous benefits and the considerable media publicity, PR and branding opportunities that being a Sponsor of an ASM event provides.

Sincerely yours,

Click to email Chuan Campbell - Managing Director - to put a face to a name click HERE

Click to email Matthew Murray - Tournament Director - to put a face to a name click HERE

ASM Golf Pte Ltd / Asian Seniors Tour Pte Ltd
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#08-02 Singapore 588177
Tel: (65) 6469 9760
Fax: (65) 6469 9412

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