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<b>2nd ASM @ UK (Leicester) 2018<br>Stapleford Park GC - June / July TBC<br>min STG 15,000 purse</b> 2nd ASM @ UK (Leicester) 2018
Stapleford Park GC - June / July TBC
min STG 15,000 purse

Stapleford Park GC

Saturday, June 2, 2018

2nd ASM @ United Kingdom (Leicester) 2018 presented by Stapleford Park Forum
dates June / July 2018 - TBC at Stapleford Park GC, Leicestershire - min STG 15,000 prize purse

The 2nd ASM @ United Kingdom (Leicester) 2018 is staged under the auspice of the Asian Seniors Tour (AST) and co-sanctioned by The Senior Masters Tour (TSMT)

Senior professional golfers who are aged 50 and or older that are members and or have been members of a recognised PGA and or Tour are eligible to register and participate without attending Q School.

AST, APCT & TSMT Member's - 2nd ASM @ UK (Leicester) 2018 Entry Fee - STG 200
- non-members add STG 25 = STG 225

2nd ASM @ United Kingdom (Leicester) 2017 - schedule of events
- Tue - ASM @ UK - Pro-Am / AST Q School
- Wed - ASM @ UK - Day 1 & Amateur Semi-Finals
- Thu - ASM @ UK - Final Day - Amateur Finals
- 3 X lunch
- 1 X goodie bag & prizes during Pro-Am

accommodation is available at Stapleford Park please clink this link for details

The Champion of the 2nd ASM @ UK (Leicester) 2018 tournament, is required to pay to join the AST so as to be eligible to play under the auspice of the AST in the 7th Fubon Senior Open 2018 - AST @ Taiwan which offers a min US$ 100,000 purse.

The top 6 placing senior professional golfers from the 2nd ASM @ UK (Leicester) 2018 professional event (including ties) will secure and enjoy an exemption from having to pay the AST's US$ 350 one time joining fee, and need only pay the US$ 200 being a discounted AST annual membership fees for the remainder of the 2018 season and will also earn priority / confirmed places to play in ASM events that are to be staged during the AST's Fall and Winter Season 2018

Please note that it can cost a non-member between US$ 250 and US$ 350 extra to register and play in an ASM event depending upon the final prize money on offer, so it does make sense to join

We look forward to seeing you at one of the many exciting ASM events to be staged during the AST's 2018 Season.

UK and European based senior professional golfers please contact Mike Best at mikejjjbest@hotmail.co.uk and or Michelle Aldous at info@tsmparticipate for more information, to register your interest / desire to participate and entry forms.

Hit them straight and true, if you wish to contact me for more information about the Asian Seniors Tour please send me a SMS / TEXT and or whatsapp message as I do not answer unknown numbers / callers.

Kind regards,

Chuan Campbell
Chairman of the Asian Seniors Tour
Singapore Mobile: (+65) - 9634 6497


Yes, I will join you at the 2nd ASM @ UK (Leicester) 2018
Stapleford Park GC - June / July TBC
min STG 15,000 purse

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Stapleford Park GC


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